Post Revision WordPress Plugin

Post Revision WordPress Plugin

Post Revision WordPress Plugin

Updating or modifying the post are often done on most of the websites, the updating date and recent update information should be displayed in the website to all users. This Post Revision WordPress Plugin gives you easy way to add the revision information like date, time on each post with attractive background color and font color and also users can able to sort the revisions. Some search engine bots are also search for the post update information for all the pages. So this plugin Post Revision WordPress Plugin may helpful for search engine bot as well to all regular users.

Features of Post Revision WordPress Plugin

  • User can able to update the latest reason for update the post.
  • User can able to change the background and font color for the sections.
  • Easy to add the custom text for Post Revision title heading.
  • Show the post revision order Ascending or Descending.

Coding – Post Revision WordPress Plugin

 Admin Page Options РPost Revision WordPress Plugin

 Installation of Post Revision WordPress Plugin

  • Upload the “post-revision” directory to the plugins directory.
  • Go to the plugins setting page and activate “Post Revision”.
  • Go to Settings –> Post Revision –> Fill the Custom heading, Asc or Des order and then select the font and background color
  • Users can able to view “Reason for Last Update” in Posting area and update it.

Changelog Post Revision WordPress Plugin

= 1.1 =
*Date formated change and wrapped with <abbr>

= 1.0 =
* Public release

Sample Screenshots
License: GPLv2 or later

Download Post Revision Version 1.0 | Post Revision 1.1

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