Frontend Dashboard Custom Post and Taxonomies

Category: free Plugin Version: 1.5.5 WordPress Version Required :4.6 Publisher: Vinoth Kumar Published on: 2017-11-07 21:58:05

Frontend Dashboard Custom Post and Taxonomies is an add-on for Frontend Dashboard WordPress plugin. Through this add-on, we can able to add and customise the custom posts, Post type and taxonomies (category and tag) with user role based restrictions.

Plugin Features

Post Status

Post Status

Restrict users on post status to either publish or pending on all custom posts

Disable Default Post

Disable the default post attributes like content, featured image, comments of that post type.

Disable Default Post
Customise Menu

Customise Menu

Customise the post name, icon and order of each post types shown in Frontend Dashboard

Disable User Roles

Disable user roles to access the post/custom post type

Disable User Roles
Disable Taxonomies

Disable Taxonomies

Disable user roles to access the assigned Taxonomies (Category/Tags) of the post/custom post

Add/Edit/Delete Custom Post

Easy to add, edit and delete the custom post

Add/Edit/Delete Custom Post
Add/Edit/Delete Taxonomies

Add/Edit/Delete Taxonomies

Easy to add, edit and delete the taxonomies (category/tag)


Bug fixes
* Bug Fixes - Custom post not updating the custom taxonomy for few user roles.
* Bug Fixes - Custom post not able to delete and save.
Bug fixes
Few minor Bug fixes and supports to latest Frontend Dashboard.
* Taxonomies (Tags and Categories) inside the post has been changed to multiselect Dropdown.
* Few bug fixes.
* Enable/Disable the View/Edit/Delete of post/custom post
* Bug:Post section url are not working properly on custom URL.
* Taxonomy and Custom post not able to delete
* Show the empty Category/Tag Names
* Completely renovated for flexibility.
* Bug: Added to notify users to install Frontend Dashboard as a core plugin to use this plugin
* Bug: Mandatory to fill the Menu name, order and icon.
* Bug: Post status pending not working
Bug: Post type name and image missing in Frontend Dashboard
Public release


1. Upload the “frontend-dashboard-custom-post” directory to the plugins directory.
2. Go to the plugins setting page and activate “Frontend Dashboard Custom Post”
3. Go to Frontend Dashboard Menu | Custom Post to configure.
4. Do save.

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