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Banner Upload WordPress Plugin

Category: free Plugin Version: 1.6 WordPress Version Required :4..3 Publisher: Vinoth Kumar Published on: 2017-03-14 11:20:43

Most of the bloggers and website owners are earning huge money based on the advertisements placed on their websites. The advertisements may be placed or added with variety of types like images, links or scripts to show the advertisements. The WordPress Banner Upload Plugin provides you more flexibility to upload image on various size like 728x90, 350x250, 250x250 etc., through widgets and able to change the width and height of the image. So, based on the WordPress template the user can able to add as many number of WordPress Banner Upload Plugin on their website through widgets.

Plugin Features



Upload the image banner ads through widget.

Custom Size

Modify the size of image banner ads based on width and height.

Custom Size
Multiple Banners

Multiple Banners

Easy way to create multiple image banner ads with different sizes through widgets.


Add the external link for the respective banner ads, so that when users clicks the banner, then it will redirect it to respective ads page.

Custom Title

Custom Title

Add the custom title for each widget you creating.

Open New Window

The external banner links can be opened in same or new window

Open New Window


* Public release
* Major bug fixes
* Moved the setting to widget location. Now user can able to add multiple banners using widget
* Bug fixes - Image uploading issue.
* Open banner link in new window or same window.
1.4 (2016-July-11)
* Support 4.2.2
1.6 (2017-March-14)
* Support 4.7.3
* Few bug fixes


1. Upload the "banner-upload" directory to the plugins directory.
2. Go to the plugins setting page and activate "Banner Upload"
3. Go to Appearance --> Widget --> Drag Banner Upload Widget to appropriate location
4. Add the custom title, upload the image, add the image size and URL link.
5. Do save.

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