Author List WordPress Plugin

Author list WordPress-plugin

Author list WordPress-plugin

This Author List WordPress Plugin shows the list of authors in that website with gravatar image. This plugin will be helpful for the websites which have multiple authors. Through widget the admin can able to set the author list wordpress plugin to any where in the widget location of the theme. The admin can easily restrict the number of authors to display in the widget with shuffling effect, so that each time page loads the author location will be random.

Features Author List WordPress Plugin

  • To show the Author list through  wordpress widget.
  • Onhover author image, the total number of post, nic name / user name and gravatar image will be displayed
  • Admin can set the limit of authors to display
  • Admin can set the gravatar image size to be 24×24, 48×48 or 96×96 pixel
  • Admin can customize the widget title name.
  • Authors will be sort based on the number of post they published.

Coding Author List WordPress Plugin

 Installation of Author List WordPress Plugin

  • Upload the “author-list” directory to the plugins directory.
  • Go to the plugins setting page and activate “Author List”
  • Go to Appearance –> Widget –> Author List Widget to appropriate location to display the Author List.
  • Enter the customize title to display in the Author List

Changelog of Author List WordPress Plugin

v 1.2(30/3/2014)

* Bug fixes, now display all author list

v 1.1.1 (2/1/2014)

* Now Instead of Username Nickname will be displayed.

= 1.1 =

* Authors will be sort based on the number of post they published

= 1.0 =
* Public release

Author List WordPress Plugin License: GPLv2 or later


Download – Author List WordPress Plugin 1.2

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16 Responses to “Author List WordPress Plugin”

  1. Sherry January 1, 2014 at 5:45 pm // Reply //

    I really like your plugin.
    But could I display the author nickname instead of the username?
    sorry I dont understand php.
    Thanks for your help!

  2. Simple Author Widget Wordpress Plugin January 8, 2014 at 6:36 pm // Reply //

    […] this Simple Author widget wordpress plugin makes flexibility for the wordpress users to keep their Author information in the sidebar or footer through widget. That’s where ever widget can go in the theme, the […]

  3. Matthew March 29, 2014 at 11:11 pm // Reply //

    Love your plugin–it’s exactly what we needed. Best part is that it doesn’t take up much in the way of startup loading–it’s very light!–and I appreciate that. I do have one question, and I’m ashamed I don’t know how to do this on my own. Right now, our site is only displaying 11 of our authors in the sidebar of our page. This is frustrating, as we have many more authors than that and I have the widget control dialogue set to “display all” Can you help me figure out what to do to correct it?

  4. iMedia Designs July 4, 2014 at 11:40 am // Reply //

    Very nice plugin–it’s exactly what we needed.

  5. Gregory Dziedzic August 28, 2014 at 8:07 pm // Reply //

    Hi, great plugin :)

    here’s a bug correction you might want to implement: the $buffercode_author_list_author_login_id string has to be sanitized in order to link properly to author pages of authors whose name contains a space. You can add this on line 111:

    /* Sanitizing the login id in order to have linkable thumbnails (hyphens instead of spaces) */
    $buffercode_author_list_author_login_id = sanitize_title_with_dashes( $buffercode_author_list_author_login_id);

  6. Moha Plaban October 8, 2014 at 11:50 pm // Reply //

    Hi, its really WOW plugins… i was finding something like this. BUT how to show only top author (we have 200K author) so i really want to show only top 23 author with split every page with 10 author. i mean each page will show 10author with pagination options :))) please please update me. thanks you so much.

  7. Moha October 8, 2014 at 11:57 pm // Reply //

    Also this is very important to link to the author profile…. but i also like the hover options… please do something to link to author page when someone clicks into his name or image

  8. Moha October 9, 2014 at 12:11 am // Reply //

    Hi, it does not shows all the users only 1 is showing…. also its not showing author name only image is not good for us…. can you help me? thanks