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Free Custom WordPress Plugin

Free custom WordPress plugin

Free custom WordPress plugin

Hello Friends,

Greetings from Buffercode, Are you paying more than $100 for your simple custom WordPress plugins ? Our team is ready to develop simple custom WordPress plugins for you with no cost [ if you wish, you can donate :) ], but we never ask you any $$$ for your custom plugin.

Requirements to develop your custom WordPress plugin ?

  1. Kindly fill the below form with chat ID to do communication faster and please be specific on description with examples.
  2. Provide some sample URLs, so that its very easy to develop the custom WordPress plugin.
  3. After we review your request, we will contact you for further proceedings like,
    • Clarifications if any.
    • Approximate time to complete your custom WordPress plugin
    • Sorry to say this – We only accept the plugin which we can able to do. [That should be clearly mentioned]
  4. Kindly excuse the time delay [Delay may be due to your custom WordPress plugin complexity]
  5. All plugins will be released under the license GPL V 2.0 and above.
  6. The custom WordPress plugin source code will be published in and their owned sites.
  7. All plugins will be shared in and under ownership.
  8. The concept of Custom WordPress plugin may be modified or may add additional features based on Buffercode team or any users request.
  9. Suppose if any images or fonts required for your custom WordPress plugin that should be supplied by the users only.
  10. If the plugin is accepted by us that user details will be published in the and their owned sites.
  12. If any loss or problems faced by users because of our developed plugin – They don’t have rights to claim anything on Plugin developers or and their owned sites.
  13. We may change our rules and regulation at any time. Please excuse us.

If you want to know our experience, kindly check our WordPress repository / profile – Vinoth06

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Love to code with PHP, MySQL, HTML, AJAX, CSS, JQuery and JavaScript. My Slogan : Share.. Share.. Share.. What ever knowledge or skill you have..

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